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Latest Crypto Fear & Greed Index

Trading, HODLing, or just trying to find the best Cryptos in this wild market?  Having a thorough set of tools is imperative to staying ahead of the crowd.  Knowledge is power and being prepared you must use the best tools to help you keep and hopefully increase your wealth.  

crypto trading pressure

The following is a quick snapshot of selling or buying pressure on Ethereum & Bitcoin which are the top two cryptos.  This is just another tool of many so make decisions based on all the tools.

crypto coins at a glance

Coin 360 gives a red vs green comparison and the block size is determined by market cap.  

detailed crypto charts

This first chart gives you an overview of each crypto you are looking into.  Please see bitcoin trading for more info about the best entry into a coin.  There are more tools if you sign up with Trading View but here is a simple graph to show buying and sell pressure along with trendlines.

crypto chart comparison

The following chart gives a side by side comparison of crypto which can be filtered by clicking on the top row of options.  

I have put together a list of websites that are fantastic tools while checking on your favorite cryptos.  

crypto websites

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