Theta network

Problem: internet is too slow

Today’s internet is already providing poor quality through centralized CDNs. Users are wanting 4 and 8k streams for Virtual networking, video streaming, gaming etc. in the coming metaverse.  The internet as designed is a bottleneck to these new technologies.  

theta develops the solution

Bandwidth sharing using laptops, TVs, computers, etc. in a decentralized open source network which is open to developers on the Theta network.

From Esports to music, video, TV or 3D virtual worlds the Theta network will increase the throughput of all these technologies. Theta incentivizes individuals to be a node on the network creating a mesh by sharing their unused bandwidth and getting paid in Tfuel for the “effort”.

The Theta network has several patents for decentralized video sharing and micropayments with dozens more to come.

theta partners

Theta already has several partners signed up as validators such as Google, Samsung, Sony, Binance and CAA which is an agency that ties into a rich source of celebrities.  They also have partnerships with MGM, Lionsgate, NASA, World Poker Tour, ONE which is Asia’s largest global sports media platform.

Galaxy phones are integrating with Theta by giving away a commemorative NFT for Galaxy S22 and Tablet S8.  Soon every Samsung TV will come standard with Theta bandwidth sharing technology installed.

Their media advisors include co-founders of YouTube & Twitch.  The team they have put together led by CEO Mitch Liu and CTO Jieyi Long along with head of strategy Wes Levitt are a strong team.  I would suggest listening to the December 16, 2021 AMA and keep up with their updates.

theta is just getting started

Theta is not offered in any US exchanges and has not tapped the full potential of that user base.  Once Theta is released on Coinbase the tokens will disappear rapidly. 

There are 1 billion Theta tokens of which 65% are STAKED.  This means there is only 350 million tokens available.  Most people involved with Crypto in the US don’t even know about Theta because it isn’t easily available.  Also you can stake Theta and Tfuel which will earn more Tfuel. 

Tfuel has 5.6 billion coins in circulation and almost 50% of those are staked as well.  The new Tdrop token can be staked and you can earn Tdrop as well.  This is a great way to earn passive income.

theta's tokens

Theta token: the governance token for Theta. 

Tfuel: used as a payment incentive for users to share their bandwidth which will decentralize internet traffic and solve the “last-mile” issue that is the main bottleneck for the internet.

Tdrop: used for the NFT marketplace and was just released as a separate coin from Tfuel and Theta.  

Tbill: This is the stable coin for Theta, it doesn't stay at exactly at $1 USD but will balance itself very closely being only a few percentage off.

price predictions

I got into Theta in the Fall of 2019 when this token was .67 cents, it went all the way up to $15 and then back down to $3.

My strategy is to buy on the dips and hold through until all or most of the coins are bought up and staked.  Theta is now at $3 at the beginning of 2022 yet the team has cranked out new ideas, technologies, patents and parnterships that will make your head spin.

Once the supply of non staked tokens diminishes and Coinbase starts selling coins in the US the price can only skyrocket.  This could easily reach $1000 or more once the technology is installed on every Samsung TV and the trillions of dollars in the Tech sector finally catches on to Theta's little "secret" technology. 

Early adopters will make out big time when this token goes global.  I'm expecting a 100x once this goes global and eventually I can envision a 1000x in 3 to 5 years from the current $3 price.  Either way the potential is big and the future is bright!

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