A little about me

My name is Dan Molstad. I have been an IT technician/manager since the late 1990s.  I have a Bachelors Degree in Information Management along with several certifications in that area (MCSE, CCNA, A+).  I started out in the Navy as a Cryptology Maintenance Technician (CTM) learning how to send and receive encrypted data over networks. I also learned Distributed Database creation, tying together various dapartments, accessing and updating information for different bases.

At first I was a skeptic of Bitcoin, but as I became more knowledgeable it dawned on me that they were using the same technology I had been trained for as a CT. That is actually a REALLY BIG DEAL.  I really kick myself for not looking into this sooner, but the next best thing is "no time like the present!" So with my new humble attitude and my background in cryptology and distributed databases I quickly learned the significance of the technology and how this will change the world.

I have immersed myself into numerous resources to learn how to buy, sell, store, hold, trade, etc.  I have gleaned the necessary information from the innovators and people who work side by side with many of the leaders in the industry.  Crypto is still in its infancy and the development of it is similar to the internet industry when it began its rise in the late 1990s... and if you understand that, you will know how important it is to find a good company you can invest with while they are in the beginning stages. 

I am dedicated to sharing the latest information on Crypto, the good and the bad.  The more people figure this out the quicker this will be implemented in every aspect of our lives. My goal is to give you the technical savvy to navigate this pioneering movement in the crypto industry and show you what I am doing to build my own wealth in today's fluctuating crypto market.  

A quick disclaimer, EZCryptopia is for informational purposes only, it is not intended as investment advice.  My sources are from outside entities that are deemed reliable, however, EZCryptopia does not guarantee the accuracy of any of the information provided on this website!

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