Free Crypto!!  Can this be true?

There are a few ways to get free crypto.  Nothing is truly free in our society, but there are ways to bypass traditional transactions in order to bring in free Crypto.  I’ll be discussing 3 of those below.  Some of these are great ways to sit back and watch crypto add up without doing much of anything. 

1. Mining free crypto

Becoming a crypto miner would be one way of collecting free crypto.  Mining Bitcoin uses computational power in a competition with other miners to figure out one block.  The miner who wins gets paid in Bitcoin. 

In 2019 a Bitcoin miner gets paid 12.5 Bitcoin if they win, while Ethereum gets paid 3 Eth.  For Bitcoin the amount of hardware and power consumption it takes to viably compete for the blocks is cost prohibitive for most people.  There may be alt coins that are up and comers that are still a good mining opportunies.

Miners started by using CPU power, then they found out that Graphics cards could perform this quite a bit faster. 

Now there are chips which are specifically made for the hash algorithms and take a lot less power consumption.  If you look up ASIC chips you can find pricing etc. Free crypto through mining Bitcoin isn’t what it used to be, but with some digging you may be able to find a niche for collecting coins.

2.  Airdrops

Airdrops perform a dual purpose for Crypto companies.  First of all it brings advertisement to new coins by giving people ownership in their company. 

Secondly Airdrops give people loyalty to more established companies who the airdrops are made through.  

When a Crypto forks it can also act like an airdrop.  When Bitcoin forked, and BCH was established those who held Bitcoin suddenly were holding BCH.  In 2019 terms each BCH coin is worth $164.  Holding coins that produce forks and airdrops can bring in free crypto and thus keeps your loyalty.

3.  Proof of Stake

Proof of Stake coins gives the little guy a chance at free crypto.  All you need to do is buy the coins, put them in your wallet, then fire it up on occasion in order to be part of mining a block.  You can also join a pool such as Gpool so you don't have keep your computer up 24/7.  This means you don’t have to use up electricity, buy ASIC chips or any other forms of hardware.  This can be very lucrative depending on which coin you are participating in. 

Coinbase will give you free crypto for watching training videos.  The videos I watched were short and provided good information on coins such as EOS and BAT.  They will also give you free coins for bringing people to Coinbase!  Check that program out.

Free Crypto can be a misnomer as nothing in life is truly free, but if you are smart and follow a good strategy and use good sense, you can bring in crypto and increase your profits. 



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