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From Novice to Trader in just a few months

by Manuella
(Sao Paulo, Brazil)

My bitcoin story started in 2015, but I really started using it only in 2017. And it was all very fast and in fact it was very confusing and even discouraging at first.

As it was a totally different process, purchasing and trading Bitcoin was a new and challenging thing. it seemed impossible to learn about how to use wallets and Exchanges, but over time me and my husband have been studying and familiarizing ourselves with the process and now we day trade and have made quite a bit of $$ doing so.

Today I do not see myself without digital currencies, I really believe that in the medium term future, there should no longer be any physical money. My name is Manuella, I live in Brazil.

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Sep 14, 2019
Perseverance will win the day in Crypto
by: Dan

The fact that Crypto is hard to own, manage and trade is actually a plus for those who have figured out how to use it!

I am super impressed that you kept at this and now can trade in Crypto while its still difficult and thus relatively cheap, because when this gets super easy to use, you will look back to the days when Crypto was a steal! Good job!

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