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Hard lessons in Crypto, but I'm still optimistic.

by David
(Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

The first time I came to know about Bitcoin was in 2014 when I was researching for investment opportunities for a friend and suggested him to invest his 5000 Euros in Bitcoin rather than stock shares. He did not take my advice and ended up losing half his money.

I did not have money to invest then, so I did not think much about it. Then I kinda forgot about it until 2016 when again I was researching a coin for a friend who wanted to invest in Crypto, but when I looked into it, the project seemed like a Ponzi scheme (it was a shit coin!).

I suggested this friend to look into Bitcoin but we decided that it was too late, so I started looking around and found out about Etherium, LTC and XRP.

In 2017, me and my friend invested a small amount in alt coins (it was so difficult to buy them then! we had to buy Bitcoin first which took half a day to get into our wallet!). I was planning on holding long term the little amount that I had invested but then I accidentally discovered trading while doing a small transfer to an exchange!

That changed everything for my friend, he got into it, he spent day and night following trends while I was still HODLing (Holding on for Dear Life). Eventually he made a big profit on it and in 2018 lost almost all of it to taxes and negligent spending!

I on the other hand made a small profit and was lucky enough not be too greedy and take half of it out before it dumped. Whatever I had left in crypto is now almost zero, and it has taught us both a lesson, not to be too greedy.

I got a free airdrop on a leverage trading exchange and built it up to 500 dollars before losing it all recently, so clearly I have not learned my lesson! But I still look forward to the future when Crypto, and specifically blockchain will have more practical use cases and will be adopted in every field. I will surely invest again whenever I have some savings!

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Sep 14, 2019
Don't ever give up
by: Dan

I am amazed at your resilience, and if you learn from the hard lessons and never give up you will win in the end.

One of the reasons for this site is to teach and promote crypto so it will go mainstream! Crypto reminds me how the internet started, people didn't realize how significant the technology was when it first came out. Now that its mainstream we can hardly think of life without the internet. By the way, alot of people got rich because they jumped on board early...

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