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Institutions Could Push Crypto Past A ‘Point Of No Return’ Sentiment and price have formed a virtuous circle

by Scott Lee
(Pensacola, FL, USA)

As cryptocurrency becomes more reliable, I think it is important to share these super bullish articles about the crypto revolution.

The writer says that the Financial times has claimed that Bitcoin is now a better store of value then the Argentine currency. So in the past 12 months, even with Crypto going from 20k to 3k, Bitcoin is competitive with a state currency.

This is mainstream Financial news promoting the stability of Bitcoin. Although people who have been in Crypto for a while have known the value of the Blockchain, the general public and mainstream institutions have shunned this market from the start. Sentiment is changing as Bitcoin has not folded or failed.

In April and May the volume of Bitcoin has increased near 100%.

Smart money is finding its way into the market. Those who have struggled through the past 2 years of $20k Bitcoin down to $3100 Bitcoin but held on have seen a nice upswing up to $8700. There will still be ups and downs as this market gains support and finds its real price.

Fidelity Investments is now bullish on Bitcoin and predicting fifty percent of institutions will add crypto to their portfolio. The secure foundation has already been laid for large amounts of money to flow in. Of course it can flow out just as easily, but as time goes on and people feel better about this market the money will be here to stay.

Those of us who got in before this big move will be well situated!!
By Paddy Baker

May 27, 2019

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May 28, 2019
Nice take on this article
by: Dan

Looks like Crypto may be forcing the issue with money managers and financial giants. You are right, those who are in today will reap the benefits of all this new money.

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