Binance goes legit in the us

Binance is the most popular Crypto to Crypto exchange.  The fees are very low and it offers a wide variety of coins.  They were founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Malta but has locations in Hong Kong, London, Singapore and Japan. has split from for US customers in order to conform to regulations in the United States.  As crypto is still in its infancy, so to are the laws that are trying to catch up to the technology.  This just means that we are still in the early adopter phase of Crypto but taking the leap into mainstream!

Sign up

Outside the US, Sign up is relatively self-explanatory, just make sure you go to Binance as there are spoof sites that will try to get your info and coins.  The one thing I always suggest strongly is that you set up two-factor authentication.  US residents can sign up at

If you download google authenticator onto your phone, you can go to your account (the head and shoulders on the top right of page) click your account, enable google authentication.  Add an account on your google authenticator, put the phone over the barcode and it should update your authentication.  You will be asked this 6 digit number each time you access the site.

They are an exchange that offers Basic and Advanced trading platforms and its pretty evident it wasn't only developed for the casual or novice trader.  There are charts and order books as well as a trading history.  The first thing you’ll want to do is fund your account.

1.  Click Funds, Deposits.

2.  Deposits will come from a wallet or an exchange that has       access to your bank account.  Bitcoin or Ethereum are the              best coins to transfer to Binance as they have the most coin          pairings.

3Once you have selected which coin you will use it will come up with your Deposit Address.   This is your public address, and you will copy and paste this into your wallet or the exchange where you have your coins.  Remember you MUST only transfer using the exact same coin.  Don’t transfer Bitcoin into an Ethereum address, you will lose your coins. 

4.  Click on Withdraw at your wallet or exchange for BTC, then paste this address (if you choose BTC).  Once your Crypto arrives, click exchange at the top of the page.  Select Basic, go to the top right of the page and select BTC or ALTS (for Ethereum) then select which coin you would want to exchange by entering it into the search tab.  Click on the pairing just below the search.

5.  Scroll down and in the middle of the page will be Buy or Sell the coin you have chosen.  The price of your coin is shown in Satoshis which is the Bitcoin price of your coin.  Select the amount you want and this will be based on the Bitcoin or Ethereum you have in your account.  

6Select buy and  you now have your new coin.

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